Why You Need To Know About Harbor Freight and Few Other Frugal Horse Tips.

If you haven’t ever been into a Harbor Freight store, you need to find one.  None near you?  Good news, they are online too.  “Why do I need boat stuff?  What do I need from a Harbor store?  I’m not near a beach, heck I don’t even have a pond.”  Well my friend, they have things that can be useful for horse people for CHEAP. (Some of the pictures now have links!  Look at me being all awesome with the interwebs. “Loooooooser!”)

Anyone have a magnetic stud holder/bowl?  Smartpak has them for $17, Harbor Freight has them for $3-$4 Check it out here.

Need barn rags?  Try these red shop rags, 50 for $13.  Forget washing nasty barn rags, just toss them and get a new one.  They have white terry cloth ones too.

Extension cords? 25′ long for $9, almost a $1 cheaper than most places.

How about zip ties to strap down those electric cords?  100 fun colored ones for $2.50.

Need a giant pedestal fan for the barn aisle, they have a 30″ fan for $150.  Go ahead, cool off your barn aisle, tack up areas, heck even put one in the barn hang out area.

They have a staple gun to hang up your tack curtains for $8.50, it has better reviews than the expensive one.  Don’t forget to get your extra staples too, they have scads of them.

This hose nozzle is $22 on Smartpak’s site.  I prefer the $8 version…  They also have hoses, splitters, and other sprayers if you need those too.

Need a way to move hay around, they have these handy carts good for hay and lots of things.

If you have a tack trunk, this can be used in the bottom of the trunk and brush boxes to help protect the wood from drips and spills.

A few other things to check out

  • Pet Supplies
  • Kitchen Stuff (yes those are $1 scissors)
  • Solar Panels
  • Toys, yes that is a wagon
  • All the lights, solar, flashlights, head-lights(the kind that strap to your head), shop lights, battery powered lights, garden lights, shed lights, the little circle battery powered lights that work great in tack lockers.
  • Magnets for finding that screw you dropped in the pasture.
  • Ramps to get your golf cart into the trailer.
  • Grease to grease the ball on your horse trailer, and a mini grease gun to go with the tiny tubes, because who doesn’t love mini stuff.  They have the full size ones too if you are into that.
  • Emergency Impact Wrench for roadside tire changes, just try to get those lug nuts off.
  • Can you say Trailer Mirror?
  • Car trunk organizer aka trailer organizer.
  • They have pop up canopies for $70 but Academy has them for under $50
  • Masks, for all those reasons we should be wearing them but don’t, like painting or cleaning questionable areas.  At 40 cents each, you can afford to throw them away.  They sell them in a 50 pack too…
  • Megaphone, because your trainer can’t scream across the property at you to put your heels down.
  • Cheap sunglasses that your horses can break all day long, instead of your cute Smucci(you know, knock of Gucci) glasses.  These are less than $2.  Alright, they aren’t super cool but they work, and you wont cry when they get stomped on.
  • Hooks for tack and stuffHooks for barn cleaning tools.
  • Look around the site with an open mind, you never know what you will find that you can use.  If it’s something you can find at Lowes or Home Depot, check here first, it can save you big.
  • Warning: it is cheap, the things may break sooner so if you know you need heavy duty, go for a good brand, if you just need to use something a few times or are bad at taking care of your tools, go cheap, its easier on the wallet to replace.
  • Pro Tip: Harbor Freight has coupons regularly for free stuff, right now you can get a free flashlight with any purchase.  If there is something you can wait a bit for, you might just catch it on sale or free!

Back when I was in college, it was a big deal to go to Wal-Mart in the middle of the night and do stupid stuff with your friends, including dressing up in the random ridiculous clothes, riding the bikes, playing with the balls, riding in the carts, and generally getting scolded by the staff.  I don’t even know what is going on in that picture, it was late…  We did find a number of things that could be used at horse shows though.  This list doesn’t include the obvious like fans, tools, first aid stuff, and extension cords.

  • Hairnets, they don’t last long but they are crazy cheap and will get you through a weekend.
  • Clear and black hair elastics that can be used for braiding
  • yarn and hooks for braiding
  • Suave shampoo and conditioner for baths, some even have Mane & Tail.
  • Sponges for tack and ponies (check the Auto department for pony sponges)
  • Boot cream and polish
  • boot laces for paddock boots and sometimes tall boots
  • Endust, works like show sheen, I have been told Pledge is too greasy
  • Polo shirts
  • brushes in the cleaning section, regular hair brushes can be used on manes and tails
  • buckets
  • A cleaning caddy can make a great brush caddy
  • Challenge yourself next time you are at Wal-Mart or Target to see what things can be used at your barn or next horse show.  Take your barn friends, do a scavenger hunt or just see who can make the longest list.  We did this at camp one summer, lots of fun.

FYI now is the time to buy fly sheets/masks/wraps, sun shirts, and summer riding gear.  It’s all on sale right now to clean out for the fall and winter stuff.

What topics would you like to see the Engineering Equestrian cover?  I am open to suggestions

Note:  All prices are based on whaty can be found on the website at the time this article was written and are subject to change.

Disclaimer:  I do not work for Harbor Freight or any other store mentioned above, these are just stores I patronize.

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