Allow me to Engineer your Equestrian Experience

This all started after about the 5th time I heard some comment about how a more expensive helmet would protect better than a cheap one.  I realized there is a lot of misinformation, “ringside math”, and general fear mongering going on in the equine world.  I also realized that although there are us equestrians with a “STEM” (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) background, we are few and far between.

I am here to help put real numbers to that “ringside math”, some science to why things happen, and some engineering into why things break like they do. So grab your spiffy helmet, your favorite pony Fluffy, your “I love Nerds” t-shirt, a comfortable chair and prepare for some geeking-out.

If you have a suggestion or a question I should investigate, please contact me!  Do you have a product you would like TEE to test or destroy?  Contact me!  Plus there is a cute picture of the “Crash Donkey” on my contact page.